HOW WE FEEL – #1 Scream Queen

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Premiere on 19 September 2008 at Sophiensaele, Berlin

With music by J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, G.F. Handel and others, as well as a world premiere of works by Aleksandra Gryka (Poland)

For 3 singers, one actress, 2 children, Baroque orchestra, and a chamber ensemble (Ensemble Mosaik)

Concept and libretto: Sven Holm and Malte Ubenauf

In SCREAM QUEEN, NOVOFLOT has Baroque works collide with new works by the Polish composer Aleksandra Gryka. This crash of musical periods and affects becomes a mechanism triggering a disconcerting question: what happens when events from the past – which we thought had long ago been shut down – rise to the surface and threaten everything in the present? In other words: how do six people who apparently met in a certain place by coincident, who suddenly realize that their (hi)stories interconnect so that bit by bit, new links emerge of which they would have rather not known? NOVOFLOT creates such a situation and with three singers, an actress, two children, and twelve musicians tells of an uncontrolled outbreak of fear. ‘It is as if you were an animal, and fear sat on your back. You can’t shake it off, you can’t even try to, because the attempt would require energy that you don’t have.’

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