Dimensions Variable



by Novoflot on Haus der Statistik
Premiere 30 October 2019, 7.30 PM / Haus der Statistik

What is the new Novoflot opera like when a dimensions variable is announced? Liquid or gaseous? Foamy, sandy or rubber-like stretched? Hard to predict, because this time Novoflot is appearing in a space-time continuum not far from Alexanderplatz that has hardly been explored yet: on the ground floor of the former “House of Statistics”. Here, where the connection between building, living and thinking of these days is taken into new dimensions, Novoflot opens the access to a previously untrodden area: the “microcosm of statistics”. How could this be achieved? With subdued timpani and stuffed trumpets! With light equipment and the designs of all invited specialists* from the fields of mini space research, micro singing and model making. “Dimensions variable” is music theatre in shifted relations. Warm clothing recommended!
Binoculars are not required.

With variable dimensions by Antonis Anissegos, Bernhard Bamert, Conny Bauer, Konstantin Bez, Henriette Bothe, Hayden Chisholm, Chris Dahlgren, Raphael Clamer, Rafał Dziemidok, Olivia Grigolli, Almut Kühne, Claudio Puntin, Jan Schreiner, John Schröder, Renate Sörensen, Lisa Marie Stoiber, Andreas Tschopp as well as Johann Sebastian Bach, Béla Bartók, Mirko Borscht, Johannes Brahms, Andreas “Phoenix” Hofer, Alekos Hofstetter, Sven Holm, Andreas Karaoulanis, Vicente Larrañaga, Elisa Limberg, Erik Satie, Isabel Schmiga, Markus Stein, students of stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Zoë Agathos, Cosima Baum, Flora Besenbäck, David Gamel, Anne Schartmann, Isabela Voicu, Xandi Vogler), Nina von Mechow, Malte Ubenauf, Anna Viebrock, Katja Wetzel, Dörte Wolter

Premiere: 30 October 2019, 7.30 PM
follow performances: 31 October, 01., 02., 03. November 2019, 7.30 PM
Haus der Statistik (Berlin Alexander Platz). Entrance: Otto-Braun-Straße

Tickets: For tickets please send an E-Mail to ticket@novoflot.de

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin Senat Department for Culture and Europe and Foundation Suisa