The Opera #1 – #3


The Opera #2 – On the Ropes (About the End)

After motives from Monteverdi’s »L’incoronazione di Poppea«

World Premiere at the Kunstfest Weimar September 11 and 12, 2020
Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar, main stage


The Berlin opera company NOVOFLOT is developing a three-part cycle with the modest aim of triggering a genre “reboot.” DEUTSCHE BÜHNE magazine described last year’s Kunstfest Weimar premiere of the co-production’s first installation as “a wonderfully inquiring, probing, searching production.”

In this trilogy, based on exploring the work of opera’s “founding father,” Claudio Monteverdi, the artist collective reflects on what path the genre might have taken had more works by the master from Mantua survived – a mere three operas have been preserved, the majority of his œuvre remains lost. Novoflot examines the existing material and asks how differently opera might look and sound today.

Having used “Orfeo” as a sound source to generate a “big bang” of the history of opera in the first part of the cycle, the company will now inspect Monteverdi’s last opera “The incoronation of Poppea” in The Opera #2. This is meant in the truest sense of the word, as NOVOFLOT explores the work by touring the Weimar National Theatre, on an expedition to follow the traces left by rare fragments of undiscovered Monteverdi operas.

A number of internationally renowned jazz soloists will be joined this year by a string orchestra from the Staatskapelle Weimar.

With: Antonis Anissegos (Keyboards), Hayden Chisholm (Saxophone, Voice), Chris Dahlgren (Double-Bass, Voice), Elisa Fluch (Voice) Ichi Go (Dance), Rosemary Hardy (Voice, Actress), Almut Kühne (Voice), Kathrin Pechlof (Harp), Eric Schaefer (Percussion) as well as members from the Staatskapelle Weimar

Kunstfest Weimar / September 11 and 12, 2020
World Premiere: September 11, 7.30 pm / Second performance: September 12, 6.00 pm
Deutsches National Theater, main stage

A production by Novoflot, Deutsches Nationaltheater & Staatskapelle Weimar and Kunstfest Weimar
Co-production: CPH Opera Festival and Teater Undergrunden

Funded by Berlin Senat Department for Culture and Europe and the Federal Foundation of Culture FONDS DOPPELPASS – Theatre cooperation fund

The Opera #1 – At the Circle (To Start With)

After motives from Monteverdi’s “Orfeo”

World Premiere by Kunstfest Weimar 23 – 25 August 2019
by BAM Festival, Berlin 29 September 2019 

The defining character of modern opera contradicts the original intention of its creator, namely to revitalise the ideals of antiquity. At the end of the 16th century, Europe’s bourgeoisie redefined the newly created genre: whatever insights were gained about love, murder and manslaughter were sacrificed by the absolute desire for representation. An irreversible coincidence of music history? The Berlin opera company Novoflot is of a different opinion. In a planned three-year trilogy entitled «The Opera #1 – #3», it looks back at the birth of opera 400 years ago and its founding father, the composer Claudio Monteverdi. When audiences rediscovered Monteverdi in the 20th century, scholars found out that 15 of his operas no longer exist, and their whereabouts are still unknown today. With «The Opera #1 – #3», Novoflot and their coproducers will celebrate the imagined rediscovery of these lost opera works over the next three festival editions and creatively reinterpret the facts that lie at the beginning of operatic history. The project takes Monteverdi’s three known works, and fills in the missing pieces one by one. The production begins with «The Opera #1» featuring a large-scale recitative and singing chorus, solo vocalists, dancers, actors and an instrumental ensemble based on themes from Monteverdi’s «Orfeo». The performance comprises two parts: the first is a choral intervention to be performed at various public squares in town (Theaterplatz, Herderplatz etc.), and the second part will be a performance staged at the E-Werk. Both parts can be attended separately and in any order.

With: Raphael Clamer, Rafal Dziemidok, Ichi Go, Yuka Yanagihara, Antonis Anissegos, Hayden Chisholm, Chris Dahlgren, Eric Schaefer, Nils Wogram, Girls choir of Singakademie zu Berlin

Kunstfest Weimar /  23 – 25 August 2019
Choir intervention (overture) in public space Weimar /  23, 24 August from 3 PM. 25 August from 2 PM. Free entry
World premiere in E Werk / 23, 24 August at 8 PM. 25 August at 7 PM
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BAM Festival / 29 September 2019
Choir intervention (overture) in public space, Square in front of Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz  /  3 PM – 6 PM. Free entry
World premiere in St. Elisabeth Kirche, Invalidenstarße 3 / 6.30 PM

Funded by Berlin Senat Department for Culture and  Europe and the Federal Foundation of Culture FONDS DOPPELPASS – Theatre cooperation fund