Neue Musik Zeitung (NMZ) – The Opera #3 – The Outtakes
Typical Novoflot: A little Monteverdi and a lot of sportsmanship for the Kunstfest Weimar…….This is certainly not the most unusual, but by far the largest venue in the adventurous explorations of the Kunstfest Weimar and the largest musical theater experience meadow in Germany for three performances…..The sports post went off in full swing. Consumed was “beer from here”…..The opera collective, founded in 2002, is apparently coming out of the lout years into the champagne age. In “Die Oper #3” others – here the regional sports club – are allowed to do the real physical work…..After the streams of movement came the waves of applause and were narrowly defeated by the pop sound from the direction of the “Schwanzseebads”.

The UK Stage – The Opera #2 – On the ropes (About the end)
Novoflot’s ingenious opera is a gentle if simple reminder of how different cultures and epochs can achieve harmony. And no show better epitomises Hemke’s desire to push Weimar’s cultural taste away from the past and in more daring directions than On the Ropes (About the End)

Die Deutsche Bühne – The Opera #1 – At the Circle (To Start With)
Wonderfull questioning, groping, searching evening

FAZ – The Opera #1 – At the Circle (To Start With)
Arias from Monteverdi’s opera “Orfeo” are heard in the hustle and bustle of the classic city. In between there are discursive statements again and again: “As I said, we press all the opera works together with all our might. How long does one have to press for this big bounce?” The piece “The Opera #1” is a successful persiflage on the opera world and poses the question of the meaning in musical theatre. In return, the Berlin group dissects the molecules of traditional opera. A cultural-critical start for this year’s Kunstfest Weimar, which throws itself around with superlatives.

Thüringer Allgemeine – The Opera #1 – At the Circle (To Start With)
Novoflot questions the beginnings and abysses of opera history

ZDF aspekte – The Opera #1 – At the Circle (To Start With)
Trying the balancing act between classic and today