Opera Saga

a concept by Sebastian Bark and Sven Holm
saga texts written by Tobias Dusche

For Kommander Kobayashi NOVOFLOT has developed a new format: the opera saga. Kommander Kobayashi is the pivotal figure. Together with his crew he navigates the spaceship La Fenice through time and space, in search of a mission (or trying to escape from it). It is an odyssey through the vast universe, that continuously surges against the mind, that wants to be understood, withstood or at least survived.

The saga unfolds in several self-contained episodes, each of which a new composition commissioned by NOVOFLOT. These short operas constitute a series and the programme of an evening. The operatic saga turns into an odyssey through a hybrid and expanding universe of contemporary opera.

Episodes so far:

Series 1
Premiere at the Hamburgische Staatsoper on January 14, 2005

4 Hermenauten Pilot episode
Four short operas by Juha T. Koskinen, Moritz Eggert, Aleksandra Gryka and Ricardas Kabelis

Kobayashi singt (unter fremden Sternen)
[Kobayashi sings (under alien stars)]
Composed by Helmut Oehring

Kommander Kobayashi #17
„set phasers on KILL!“
Composed by Jennifer Walshe

Series 2 
Premiere at Sophiensæle Berlin on September 8, 2006

Die Zerstörung von Moskau ist keine Lösung
[The Destruction of Moscow Is Not a Solution]
Composed by Sergej Newski

Composed by Aleksandra Gryka

Series 3
Premiere at Sophiensæle Berlin September 7, 2007

Aoihana darf nicht sterben! [Aoihana must not die!]
Composed by Gryllus Samu

am ende. [at the end.]
Composed by Klaus Lang