National Opera #1 – #3



In cooperation with Kretakör (Hungary) and kraut_produktion (Switzerland)

Berlin, September 2015 – National opera. A term like three exclamation marks! What does it actually mean? A building? A composition? A cultural heritage? None of those…? After the reconstruction and re-enactment of the first and only futuristic opera “Victory over the Sun” (2013), followed by the “T-HOUSE-TOUR” (2014/15) – a project that is based on improvised forms of music theatre, NOVOFLOT in its latest opera project examines the relationship between the arts and national consciousness. More precisely: about the constitution of national cultural monuments in the field of music theatre and their significance for society’s feelings and behaviour. Does the existence of national operas turn a population into a nationalist population? And if yes, why? Because you collectively love a piece of art, the traditional native tales and the immortal melodies associated with it? Because this shared cultural heritage promotes identity, pride and distinction-related joy? Perhaps. But could it be also possible that the significance of national music goods has a propagandistic origin, that is disconnected from the artwork and its sole purpose is to revive national consciousness and to use it politically? For sure, the answers are rather complex (or maybe easier, which would be utterly frightening) and by no means easy to find. Even less in a time, when European national feelings are shown or hidden in extremely different ways.

Not at least, for this reason, NOVOFLOT initiated an unusual experiment: Not only one national opera will be the starting point of an artistic examination, but three. Not one company alone focuses on music-related cultural heritages, but three. For the first time, the Berlin-based opera company combines three productions by three independent ensembles from three different European countries to a cycle of so far unknown length. While Novoflot dedicates its attention to the supposedly most German of all German operas: „Der Freischütz“ by Carl Maria von Weber, the Hungarian director Arpad Schilling (together with members of his company KRETAKÖR) explores the dimensions of the most famous Hungarian opera „Bank Ban“ by national composer Ferenc Erkel. These events will be overshadowed by a very special form of national opera: the Zurich group kraut_produktion summarises (due to the lack of existence of a national music theatre work) the confusions – owed to the expanding right populist tendencies and Switzerland’s direct democracy system – about the upcoming new composition of the Swiss national anthem into a first Federal oper(etta). All three productions will be shown in one evening. They will provide information on theatre ensembles’ view on their own national cultural goods and the audience will experience what happens when these different perspectives converge.

NATIONAL OPERA opened with an overture staged by Novoflot in September 2015. An opening, that turned into an expedition to a very special place in Berlin, where the legendary Freischütz family has been preparing their national primeval soup – and was being watched uniquely and for once. From a reasonable distance. At a point in time, when composer Carl Maria von Weber, was far away from determining the final coordinates of his Freischütz opera. Beginning with this opening (NATIONALOPER #1), from Autumn 2015 on, the three independent European production teams prepare for the national operas’ examination, at first in Berlin, Budapest and Zurich and finally they come together at Radialsystem V and Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (NATIONALOPER #2 & #3) in Berlin in summer 2016. We will see, whether this encounter flows smoothly. Much depends on, who misfires his magic bullets of the joined project finale in which moment in time.

NATIONALOPER #3: The long night of the  National opera (Novoflot & guests) Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, July 3th 2016, 8.00 PM
Tickets under:
030 – 240 65 777

NATIONALOPER #2: Freischütz (Novoflot) – Bánk bán-ACT (Kretakör) – Schweizerpsalm (kraut_produktion) Radialsystem V, June 24./25. (7.00 PM) and June 26th 2016 (6.00 PM)
Tickets under:
030 – 288 788 588

NATIONAL OPERA #1: Ouvertüre (Novoflot)
Departure of the excursion-shuttles in front of the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 
September 25./26./27.  2015, always 7.00 PM
Tickets under: 030-6165 2321 or

With: Maxime Barbasetti, Raphael Clamer, Hans-Peter Scheidegger, Varia Linnea Sjöström, Hanna Dóra Sturludóttir, Yuka Yanagihara,Vertigo Trombone Quartet (Bernhard Bamert, Johannes Lauer (guest), Jan Schreiner, Nils Wogram), Conny Bauer (Trombone), Chris Dahlgren (Bass), Claudio Puntin (Clarinet), Mädchenchor der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin, Resonanz Children´s Choir from Jakarta – Indonesia and Köpenick’s Wind Orchester

In cooperation with RADIALSYSTEM V and Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Funded by the Cultural Administration of the State of Berlin, the Capital Cultural Fund, the Rudolf-Augstein-Foundation as well as Szenenwechsel, a program of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation and the International Theater Institut (ITI).

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