– Series 1

in co-production with
Hamburgische Staatsoper
UltraSchall – Das Festival für Neue Musik


Opera Saga
Series 1

Premiere on January 14, 2005 at the Hamburgische Staatsoper

Juha T. Koskinen, Moritz Eggert, Aleksandra Gryka, Ricardas Kabelis
4 Hermenauten
(pilot episode)

Helmut Oehring
Kobayashi singt (unter fremden Sternen)
ein anschaulicher Dokumentarbericht mit Musik (Featuredram)

Jennifer Walshe
Kommander Kobayashi #17
„set phasers on KILL!“

The first series opens with a pilot episode, 4 Hermenauten: Kommander Kobayashi’s four crew members have to undergo their individual catastrophe-test. Four composers – Moritz Eggert (Germany), Aleksandra Gryka (Poland), Ricardas Kabelis (Lithuania) und Juha T. Koskinen (Finland) – present their favourite character facing challenging circumstances. The commander himself does not yet appear.

In Helmut Oehring’s episode Kobayashi singt (unter fremden Sternen)[Kobayashi sings (under alien stars)] Kommander Kobayashi discloses his identity – in adequately confusing complexity: Oehring’s score splits the title character into a sign-language soloist, a singer and a rock-guitarist. Together they convey an impression of the amazing adventure of being Kommander Kobayashi.

In the episode set phasers on KILL! we find the La Fenice and its crew in severe danger – precisely at the moment when it becomes fully apparent what their mission actually is. La Fenice falls under the spell of a strange and stronger force – impersonated and sung by the composer and vocal artist Jennifer Walshe (Ireland) who appears as a star guest in her own episode.

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