– Series 2

in co-production with
Festival Warschauer Herbst
Théâtre National du Luxembourg


Opera Saga
Series 2

Premiere at Sophiensæle, Berlin on September 8, 2006

Sergej Newski
Die Zerstörung von Moskau ist keine Lösung
[The Destruction of Moscow Is Not a Solution]

Aleksandra Gryka

Libretti: Tobias Dusche
After the saga Kommander Kobayashi
by Sebastian Bark, Tobias Dusche, Sven Holm

The second series of the Kommander Kobayashi opera saga recounts the story of an intergalactic trip through Europe. La Fenice and her crew successively come under the influence of two completely alien, sinister systems called Moscow and Warsaw.

In Sergej Newski’s episode Die Zerstörung von Moskau ist keine Lösung[The Destruction of Moscow Is Not a Solution], Moscow represents a menacing source of sweeping change and uncertainty, and is thus the destination of an expedition undertaken by La Fenice. The opera focuses on one of the main characters: The Hermenaut Ma’, accompanied only by the enigmatic Kommander Kobayashi, sets out to investigate the precarious terrain and, if possible, put a stop to whatever is causing the troublesome changes. But in this unfamiliar landscape, orientation is impossible. Ma gets lost – topographically, culturally and personally. And suddenly the purpose of the mission itself no longer seems clear. Laika, a shape-shifting dog, woman and motor centaur, has followed Ma’ and takes over the reins from the navigator gone astray… Gradually Ma’ throws all his firm intentions to the wind. Finally he submits a rush of oneness and transformation.

In Aleksandra Gryka’s episode SCREAM YOU, Warsaw is not an actual locatable place, but rather a force field that the spaceship La Fenice enters completely unprepared. Suddenly, an acoustic substance by the name of SCREAM is circulating on board. A pair of mysterious twins deal and push the drug, which causes a rush of empowerment in which selfish desires and covert plans and visions are spontaneously acted on – no matter what the cost. The small community on board La Fenice undergoes a sudden transformation; unforeseen constructive and destructive energies are unleashed. The crew is thrust into a heady rush of addiction which propels some of the Hermenauts into moments of utter bliss – and the rest of the universe to the brink of annihilation. To be continued…

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