– Series 3

in co-production with
Sophiensæle and
Trafó, Budapest


Opera Saga
Series 3

Premiere at Sophiensæle, Berlin on September 7, 2007

Episode #5 Aoihana darf nicht sterben! [Aoihana must not die!]
Composed by Gryllus Samu
Libretto by Tobias Dusche

Episode #6 am ende. [at the end.]
Composed by Klaus Lang
Libretto by Sebastian Bark, Sven Holm, Klaus Lang

The third series thrusts Kommander Kobayashi and his Hermenauts right into the grand finale of the whole series.
Episode #5 Aoihana darf nicht sterben! [Aoihana must not die!] deals with a truely existential problem: The Hermenauts are the last ones of their kind. They have to procreate before it is too late! But how? Which protocol should they follow? What should they pass on to the next generation? And what is the charge for that kind of fertilisation? The Hermenauts are ready to face the unknown task and commit themselves to a true specialist – the legendary ‚Mistress’ of Budapest. The sequel is composed by the young Hungarian composer Gryllus Samu, an innovator between the borders of concert and performance.
In episode #6, titeled am ende. [at the end.], the secret of the cryptic Kobayashi is finally disclosed. The Kommander arises in all his might and leads the Hermenauts to a place with no return. Klaus Lang, one of the most influential composers of his gerneration, has composed this sequel as a scene of spiritual slaughter. It is a grand tableau featuring organ sounds, a choir and a brass band.

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